TTT: Books I’m No Longer Interested In


February 20: Books I’ve Decided I’m No Longer Interested In Reading.

This week splits pretty evenly into two camps.

1 – Books I’ve nothing against but have lost interest in because they sound the same as a (and/or with less diversity than) a lot of similar books I’ve read.

2 –  And books where the author has said/ written/ done something I find offensive. While I get the whole ‘seperating an artist from their work’ thing, there are so many amazing books out there I want to read, why would I waste my time and money on these, instead of just picking up something else?

What’re your thoughts on these books? Which books went on your list this week?


Red Queen // Victoria Aveyard

The Selection // Kiera Cass

The Night of the Mi’raj // Zoë Ferraris,

Mrs. Beast // Pamela Ditchoff

Throne of Glass // Sarah J. Maas


The Mists of Avalon // Marion Zimmer Bradley

The Final Empire and Elantris // Brandon Sanderson

Red Rising // Pierce Brown

The Raven Boys // Maggie Stiefvater

27 thoughts on “TTT: Books I’m No Longer Interested In”

  1. Red Queen and Red Rising were not worth it. I really enjoyed The Raven Cycle books but do realize there is so little poc in there. 😦 I stopped reading Sarah J Maas after the third TOG book. Not really worth it either in my opinion. *ducks*

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  2. Great list! The Raven Boys made my list this week as well, and I know what you mean about Sanderson – I haven’t read any of his work and now I’m not sure if I want to.

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  3. I made it through Red Queen but definitely won’t be continuing. I couldn’t even make it through Red Rising… so bad. I don’t understand the love. lol

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  4. I’m not too fussed about Brandon Sanderson’s books either. I remember when they were extremely hyped up and popular but they never seemed like something I would be interested in. And I think I might have been interested in The Selection a while ago, but it was probably just for the cover, haha.

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    1. The cover, admittedly, is beautiful. I feel like I thought Sanderson was one of those ‘must read’ authors years ago, before I discovered blogs, GR, book Twitter etc. And now I just… expect more from a book? And an author?


  5. I’ve crashed out of the Red Queen series, so don’t blame you there. I also gave up on The Selection after the first book.

    I agree about not supporting problematic authors as well. I haven’t heard what’s placed some of these on your list, so I’ll have to do some investigating!

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  6. Bad reviews have steered me clear from The Selection and Red Queen series. I think I might’ve read Throne of glass but I don’t remember finishing it and I’m not interested in reading it. Knowing how little POC characters she has in her books, I’m not reading any SJM books.

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  7. Still interested in the ‘Selection’ and the ‘Red Queen’ books, but must confess those “Throne of Glass” books are looking less and less interesting. They’re SO long, plus the number of books in the series contiues to grow. So yeah, I’m leaning more and more towards skipping that one. 😉

    Thanks so much for visiting Finding Wonderland!

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