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The Immortal Rules (Blood of Eden, #1)synopsistagTo survive in a ruined world, she must embrace the darkness…

Allison Sekemoto survives in the Fringe, the outermost circle of a walled-in city. By day, she and her crew scavenge for food. By night, any one of them could be eaten. Some days, all that drives Allie is her hatred of them—the vampires who keep humans as blood cattle. Until the night Allie herself dies and becomes one of the monsters.

Forced to flee her city, Allie must pass for human as she joins a ragged group of pilgrims seeking a legend—a place that might have a cure for the disease that killed off most of civilization and created the rabids, the bloodthirsty creatures who threaten human and vampire alike. And soon Allie will have to decide what and who is worth dying for, again.



I loved Allison. She’s so self-reliant and ruthlessly practical at the start that it’s a treat to watch her slowly let down her defences and start to care about the other characters. I really approached though that it never goes too far the other way, Allison doesn’t completely lose her practical side or her snarky attitude. Kagawa does an incredible job of exploring Allison’s shades of grey morality, fighting your inner demons and the different types of evil in this book.

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I felt that the pacing was a little slow when Allison first meets Zeke, Jeb and their group, but I sort of appreciated that it gave the romance time to develop in a way that felt natural. I also thought that the vamp/human romance was much easier to buy into with Allison being recently turned rather than centuries old.

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I really liked that there were different types of vampires – the cool, smooth Court-style and the almost zombie-like Rabids. I adore Kanin. What can I say? I have a type. Jackal was a cool villain but psycho-vamp Sarren was brilliant — absolutely terrifying.

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The finale in Old Chicago was super dramatic, but I felt it could have ended here, rather than dragging out for a few more chapters. Again the pacing seemed slow here. I’m really looking forward to the rescue mission in book two.


    1. I try to be forgiving of pacing in a first instalment. I’d rather the pace is a little slow but character and world-building are believable. I think she got that, so it’s cool. I’m looking forward to the next two 😄

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  1. Loved your review, I enjoyed this but also thought it was slow and felt the shift of Allison was slow and not really…ummm…the best way to go. I liked that she was a new vampire learning her way and her attitude. I hated that they used a caucasian face on the cover that is an asian character as described in book. I will have to re-read this one sometime.


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    1. Yeah, I really dislike the original cover. Not just the white washing but it looked more traditional YA vampirey? If that makes sense? The yellow circle’s not particularly stunning but I think it suits the dystopian angle better. I’d like if they done a more accurate face cover at some point too.


  2. I read this book a lot of years ago and I liked it, maybe I didn’t love it, but liked it, yes, that’s for sure, but I never read the second one… it’s one of the million series I have started and yet to finish… I hope to get back to this one, sooner or later!

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