Mini-Reviews from 2017

So, I’ve been clearing through my Goodreads shelves (will I ever get that to-read shelf down to a reasonable number? unlikely!) and I came across a few books I’ve read this year but forgot to review. So, I thought I’d make a quick post just for complete-ness sake.

River of Teeth // Sarah Gailey
– Such a fun premise
– Hippos!
– Fat, POC, NB and Bisexual rep (Might be more?).
– Plot becomes too convoluted and finale action scene is jumbled.
– Pacing’s a little off: slow to start with a rushed ending.

Hunted // Megan Spooner
– Beauty and the Beast retelling.
– Beautiful winter imagery.
– Strong, complex protagonist in Yeva.

Rebel of the Sands // Alwyn Hamilton
I actually did review the sequel, Traitor to the Throne, here, but this one seems to have slipped through the cracks.
– Solid but basic first installment.
– Amani is an interesting and flawed female lead.
– The Djinn/Human children are cool and the different powers are really interesting.
– Worth reading to get to Traitor to the Throne, which I loved.

The Decieved // E. C. Fisher
– Too much telling of back-story.
– Couldn’t connect to any of the characters.
– There were a couple of phrases which made me uncomfortable (re: heteronormativity, non-Christian faiths).

Lights – Camera – Heist!: A Romantic Misadventure // Jon McDonald
– Reads too much like a first draft.
– Couldn’t connect to the main characters.
– Internalized homophobia, queer stereotypes, Asian stereotypes.

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