TTT: Hidden Gems


August 29Ten Hidden Gem Books in X Genre: Pick a genre and share with us some books that have gone under the radar in that genre!

My Top Ten Under-Rated Quick Reads

Unicorn Tracks // Julia Ember
In Ageless Sleep // Arden Ellis
The Cybernetic Tea Shop // Meredith Katz
They Mostly Come Out At Night // Benedict Patrick
Humanity for Beginners // Faith Mudge


An Uncommon Road // Stephanie Rabig
Hag in Exile // Rivka Aarons-Hughes
A Honeyed Light // Freddie Milano
WARRIOR: a collection of short stories // Antonica Jones
The Second Mango // Shira Glassman

31 thoughts on “TTT: Hidden Gems”

  1. Oh Unicorn Tracks I think appeals to me the most on this list as I’ve recently read another of Julia Ember’s books. They Mostly Come Out at Night sounds appealing because of that title. Sounds great for a Halloween read. Great list!

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  2. Great post 😊
    These all look really interesting and I haven’t heard of any of them! I definitely need to check some of these out. Do you have a favourite?

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  3. Sometimes I am in the mood for something quick, and these all sound really good. I don’t think I’ve read any of them. I really like the sound of The Cybernetic Tea Shop. I will have to add that one and several of the others to my wish list. Thank you for sharing! I hope you are enjoying your weekend!

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