Read.Sleep.Repeat is running the 5th ARC August reading challenge. You can see the sign-up post, here. My Netgalley rating’s not too bad — 78% — but I’ve got 9 books to read, so I’d like to get over that magical 80% this month… As long as I don’t request more again. XD

Have you read any of these books? Are you doing ARC August? What are your goals if you are?

11 thoughts on “ARC AUGUST TBR”

    1. I’ve seen only good things about Upside but there was so much hype for a while that I didn’t want that to ruin it for me. I think now’ll be a good time for me to catch up.


  1. I’ll be participating in ARC August as well! I just stumbled across this challenge and I definitely need it! My current Netgalley ratio is 75% which I’m super proud of but I’ve never reached that precious 80% so I am hoping to get there by the end of the month!

    I hope you’ll manage to read a lot of these ARCs and enjoy all of them! ❤

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