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Birthday Post: Bi-Girls in SFF


I’m a terrible blogger! I completely missed my first anniversary this month! I thought it was in July? Doh!

Anyway, to mark that, along with it being the last few days of Pride month and the fact that today is my birthday(!) here’s a very self-indulgent post.

I want to read more books with bisexual protagonists/ significant characters… but I’m not that keen on contemporary fiction, which is where it seems most common (although common is a bit misleading).

So here’s a list of bisexual girls in SFF. It’s by no means comprehensive. I’ve marked any that I’ve already read/ reviewed but the rest aren’t necessarily recs. Most are my TBR, but hopefully, by this time next year, I’ll be able to tick a lot of them off.  🙂

Have you read any of these? Have any others you’d recommend? Drop me a comment.

Books I’ve read

Ash // Malinda Lo // My review – ★★☆
Ash (protagonist)

Failure to Communicate // Kaia Sønderby // My review – ★★★★★
Xandri Corelel (protagonist)

Not Your Sidekick // C. B. Lee // My review – ★★★★
Jess Tran (protagonist)

Of Fire and Stars // Audrey Coulthurst // My review – ★★★☆
Princess Amaranthine aka. Mare (protagonist)

The Seafarer’s Kiss // Julia Ember // My review – ★★★★★
Ersel (protagonist)


I’ve done my best, but if I’ve misunderstood the identities of the characters in these books, feel free to correct me.


A Great and Terrible Beauty // Libba Bray

The Alchemists of Loom // Elise Kova

An Accident of Stars // Foz Meadows

Daughter of a Burning City // Amanda Foody

Labyrinth Lost // Zoraida Córdova

Otherbound // Corinne Duyvis

Resistance // B.R. Sanders

The Coldest Girl in Cold Town // Holly Black

The Impostor Queen // Sarah Fine

Winterspell // Claire Legrand

Urban Fantasy

As I Descended // Robin Talley

Borderline // Mishell Baker

Iron and Velvet // Alexis Hall

Storm in a Teacup // Emmie Mears

Wicked Lovely // Melissa Marr

Science Fiction

Adaption // Malinda Lo

A Darkly Beating Heart // Lindsay Smith

God’s War // Kameron Hurley

Love in the Time of Global Warming // Francesca Lia Block

Luna: New Moon // Ian McDonald

Planetfall // Emma Newman

The Scorpion Rules // Erin Bow

8 thoughts on “Birthday Post: Bi-Girls in SFF”

  1. First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You deserve all the great bisexual books in the world.
    Second off, I feel like you’ll enjoy Alchemists of Loom.
    Third, I’ve now added all the SF recommendations to my tbr….thank you

    Liked by 1 person

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