TTT: Reading Wishlist


May 9: Ten Things On Our Reading Wishlist (topic originally done January 2014) — things you want to see more of in books — tropes, a time period, a specific type of character, an issue tackled, a certain plot, etc. All those things that make you think I WANT MORE OF THIS IN BOOKS!


1. Girl Gangs. Magical, street, pirate, zombie-killing or otherwise, although fantasy is, of course, also my top pick. Just more girl gangs, please. I’m thinking along the lines of Sailor Moon or Hurricane Heels by Isabel Yap.

2. Quirky jobs. And characters who love their jobs and want to succeed without the story being all about hellish workplaces and bosses e.g. The Devil Wears Prada and The Wolf of Wall Street. Give me entrepreneurs with mail order companies and characters running the family spice shop. A Honeyed Light by Freddie Milano has one MC working in his family’s Indian restaurant and the other running a sex toy shop.

3. More f/f fairytales and retellings.

Check out for so many awesome princess edits.

4. Actually, more f/f anything. Also more bisexual, trans, aro, ace, queer etc.

5. More variety of bodies. More characters with disabilities but also just more chubby characters, boys with crazy-dyed hair, girls with tattoos etc.

Related image Image result for chubby colored hair model

6. Healthier relationships, especially in YA. No more of this “you belong to/with me” business, more positive and realistic attitude to sex, less slut/ virgin shaming. Less insta-love, fewer pointless love-triangles. And can please stop pretending that the person you choose at 16, is always the one true love of your life or the person that you’ll spend years and years with?

7. Mythical creatures. Dragons make everything more awesome, obviously, but how about some new takes on sirens, wyverns, centaurs and unicorns too.

8. Alternate Histories. What would happen if such-and-such was just ever so slightly different? I feel like I’ve seen a lot of WW2 themed alt-histories (but haven’t read them, not my time-period I’m afraid) but how about some other historical takes like And I Darken by Kiersten White and Naomi Novik’s Temeraire series?

9. Out of fashion genres. These things go in cycles, so maybe it’s time for some revivals? Pirates, westerns, space operas etc? Or mix and match them together to create something new like Firefly or Westworld.

10. More less-common retellings and mythologies, especially non-Western, especially #ownvoices. I adore Beauty and the Beast, Snow White and Hades/Persephone as much as the next obsessive nerd, but I’d love to see a bit more variety. Or else do something completely new with it, Snow White in space, maybe?

What’s on your wishlist?

22 thoughts on “TTT: Reading Wishlist”

  1. AH, I can only nod along in total agreement with all of these! Quirky jobs – I didn’t think about that, but now I so need more of that! And f/f retellings, yes! I never say no to more mythical creatures either. 🙂 And of course more healthy relationships and variety of bodies are super important!

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  2. I find sirens really fascinating, so I’d love a good story that took them in a different direction. I also really want to read a book about a family’s spice shop now. It sounds like so much fun. Healthy relationships and more body diversity are great choices too! 🙂

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  3. Unusual jobs are always fun. And I agree about more diversity in relationships. As much as I enjoy a good m/m story, there is more out there than that. Alternate history stories can be really engaging, I know they definitely push my knowledge of history, which I always appreciate!

    Here is our Top Ten Tuesday. Thanks!

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  4. YES! More westerns. We need more westerns. That was on my list as well.

    For unusual settings for fairy tale retellings, may I recommend Elisabeth Grace Foley’s western retellings, “Corral Nocturne” and “Mountain of the Wolf,” Emily Ann Putzke’s WWII-set “Sweet Remembrance,” and Suzannah Rowntree’s Jazz Age “Death Be Not Proud.”

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      1. You’re welcome! I hope you can find some of them and enjoy. I know you can most of them on Amazon. Several are also available as part of an e-book collection called “Once” that’s six historical fiction fairy tale retellings.

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  5. Love your list! Reading your second wish for quirky jobs reminded me of “Setting Free the Kites” by Alex George – the main character works at an amusement park with his best friend, his dad owns the amusement park and it is quirky for sure – part western part medieval. Such a good book, too!

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