TTT: Reading Turn-Offs


April 25:  Top Ten Things That Will Make Me Instantly NOT Want To Read A Book (topic originally done back in 2013) — tell us all your book turn offs!


1. Middle aged man has mid-life crisis and/or an affair. I don’t care how ‘literary’ it is. Yawn.


2. (Most) Love-triangles. MAKE UP YOUR DAMN MIND!! Also, how many awkward teens have one dreamboat lusting after them, let alone two? And often times neither of the choices really seems worth the trouble. I’d rather have one well-written relationship or none at all, thanks.

3. (Most) High-School. Odd for a YA-lover I know. I have enjoyed a few, but they have to be really good. I’m just too old to care about the stereotypical high-school dramas. Sorry, I’ll just be over here with my cats and my needlepoint….


4. Autobiographies. Most of the time, I just think, who cares? Especially celebrities.

5. Teak-jerkers. War, tragic illness etc. especially. Double especially if the tear-jerking seems to be the main point of the book.


6. ‘Chick-Lit’ and the whole concept of chick-lit.

7. Old-school High Fantasy. Not always, but as someone who grew up on fantasy and still reads 90% fantasy books, if it doesn’t have something new – angle, premise, characters – it’ll probably just blend into the smush of similar books in my head.

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8. Homophobia, misogyny, racism… and all the other -phobias and -isms. This one’s hard to explain because sometimes is a part of the plot or the view of a character waiting to be challenged. But, you know how sometimes it’s just there because the author’s a prick? That. Also, goes for sexual assault and rape.

9. Zombies. I freakin’ LOVE The Walking Dead (best show on tv), and I quite like iZombie, but somehow zombies in books just don’t work for me? I’ve been looking for a really good non-comedy zombie YA (in my dreams, with some queer rep) but sadly turned up nothing so far. Recs would be awesome.


10. Body Horror. I think this applies more to horror movies than books, but I’ve seen a few and I refuse to even pick them up. I still have nightmares from being read (by sick, evil ‘friends’) just the plot outlines of The Human Centipede and Tusk. Do not Google. Do not…. Do. Not.

What do you hate? What will make you tear up a book, or just think pass it right over?

23 thoughts on “TTT: Reading Turn-Offs”

  1. Damn you, I googled and now those images will be searing into my retinas for the rest of time. *shudder

    Chick lit… I avoid it so hard I didn’t even think to add it to my list! Much like math textbooks and technical manuals it just isn’t for me. What about it bugs you because I agree that there is something wrong with the whole idea of it.

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    1. Partly it’s just the things that crop up don’t appeal to me (fashion, diaries etc) but I thinks it more the idea that chick lit or women’s fiction is for women so every other genre must be for men? No one calls the trash self-insert men read dick-lit, it’s action etc. I don’t even know if what I’m trying to say makes sense?


  2. Im not a fan of High School settings either! I feel like those stories are all the same and as someone who has watched too many High School movies in my teenage years I feel like I have seen all the stories already! But i dont mind High School aged people OUTSIDE a High School setting. I recently read The Names They Gave Us and really enjoyed it!

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  3. Everybody has been talking about hating love triangles this week. Too funny! I don’t like them either, though.

    Preachy books are a turnoff for me as well. It doesn’t matter what they’re talking about or whether or not I agree with them. I read to be entertained, not to be preached at. 🙂

    Here is my Top Ten Tuesday!

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  4. I’m not particularly interested in autobiography/non-fiction books either. I read maybe one a year. The only zombie-type book I’ve read is the Ashes trilogy by Ilsa Bick. It did get kind of progressively worse for me as it went on, but I remember really liking the first book .

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  5. I don’t like celebrity memoirs either, although I do read a few political ones (Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton, RBG…almost always women!). I would agree about love triangles, too, although sometimes you don’t know it’s there until you are already well into a book. But an entire plot based on a love triangle? No, thank you.

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  6. I love your list and your gif selection is perfect 🙂 Also, I once accidentaly read the plot for The Human Centipede (just read the plot, didn’t even see the movie) and I am still intensely grossed out. Definitely don’t need that kind of imagery in books either! Also agree about the zombies, I don’t mind them, but I don’t enjoy mosts stories with them either. And of course all the -phobias or -isms are just a big NO.

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  7. Re: YA with zombies – have you read ‘The Forest of Hands and Teeth’? Zombies are a super ick topic for me, and I usually avoid them completely but I really enjoyed this book despite myself. It’s grim, but I mean, it’s zombies so that’s not entirely unexpected.

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