REVIEW: Humanity for Beginners




Humanity for BeginnersImage1 Gloria did not intend to start a halfway house for lesbian werewolves. It just sort of happened. Between running a small bed-and-breakfast with her friend Nadine, helping one young lycanthrope adjust to life after the bite and soothing ruffled fur when the other brings home an unexpected cat, Gloria has more than enough to keep her busy, but one thing is definite: she is not nor ever will be an alpha, whatever Nadine says. And the ever-expanding circle of misfits in her guesthouse is certainly not a pack. If only Nadine and the rest of the world were as simple and clear cut as she kept wanting them to be.


🍴 This is cute short story that finally takes the werewolves, alphas etc cliches and shows it all in a different light. There are two main plot-lines – one of the girls being tracked down by her family, and a rival Alpha male challenging the group – which are set against a lot of light day-in-the-life style scenes.

🏡The relationships are sweet and believable, if a little obviously sign-posted but this is clearly a romance story so that’s not a big problem.

film studio ghibli hayao miyazaki ghibli wolves

🐺 The real strength of this story are the characters and their relationships with each other within the family/ pack. It’s especially nice to see the werewolf trope done featuring different, well-rounded women (and not just the Strong Female Character™) instead of hyper-muscular shirtless guys. The story felt like a good length for the plot, but I could easily see a series of novellas featuring Gloria and the guesthouse family.

A copy of this book was provided to me by NetGalley. This had not affected my opinions or review.


6 thoughts on “REVIEW: Humanity for Beginners

  1. this caught my eye on Netgalley, but I saw it was a short story so decided not to request it. I wish it was longer because it sounds really cool! but I just can’t with novellas, they whet my appetite but leave me wanting more 😦

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