Bib·li·o·phile Friday: Friday the 13th

Bib·li·o·phile Fridays is a new weekly meme, co-hosted by Aurora and myself. Please come check us out over at the Goodreads group, we’d love to have you take part.🙂


In honor of Friday the 13th, pick 5 scary or suspenseful book books!

My five choices for this weeks theme.


A little more detail: Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.


At once a Gothic thriller, a passionate romance, and a cautionary tale about the dangers of science, Frankenstein tells the story of committed science student Victor Frankenstein. Obsessed with discovering the cause of generation and life and bestowing animation upon lifeless matter, Frankenstein assembles a human being from stolen body parts but; upon bringing it to life, he recoils in horror at the creature’s hideousness. Tormented by isolation and loneliness, the once-innocent creature turns to evil and unleashes a campaign of murderous revenge against his creator, Frankenstein.


Some awesome Creatures and Frankenstein’s.

The Simpsons homer simpson horror episode 1 season 12



Maudit lol boris karloff james whale the bride of frankenstein

Old Hollywood Films gene wilder young frankenstein peter boyle puttin' on the ritz




5 thoughts on “Bib·li·o·phile Friday: Friday the 13th

  1. I need to try Bib•li•o•phile Friday again some time. I don’t think I followed directions the first time…just listed five books and explained why I chose them
    And then I later re-read what I was supposed to do…oops.

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