Author: Mel Eight
Genres/ subjects: Novelette, Romance, LGBTQIA+ (M/M), Protagonist of Colour
Rating: 3*

Goodreads link

31932466Image1 It’s the holiday season and as usual Ari is feeling left out. He doesn’t celebrate Christmas or even put up a tree. Generally he’s fine with that, but it does mean he doesn’t get to participate in all the holiday cheer happening around him. All he wants is someone to spend Hanukkah with, but so far the only company he has is his dog, which means another season of being overlooked and alone.


📚 A very cute little story, and what there is of it is a good read but it could easily have had lots more development.

🐶 I liked Ari as a character but I felt more connected to the relationship between him and his dog Goober than to the love interest. This could have been expanded upon.

😜 And yes, I fully expected “Do you want to stop by my place after dinner to light candles together?” to be a euphemism. I’m not saying it needed a sex scene but maybe the question could have been phased better, or make the joke funnier?

*A copy of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley and I’m freely giving my honest review.*


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