BTTBook Traveling Thursday is a weekly event held over on Goodreads by Danielle and Catia.

This week’s topic is Share the love around the world! Choose a book written by an author from a country you don’t read that often.  Sometimes we get great recommendations… Choose a book someone recommended to you that you loved.I haven’t actually finished this book yet, I’m just over halfway through, but I will someday. I promise!

The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas


One of the most celebrated and popular historical romances ever written. The Three Musketeers tell the story of the early adventures of the young Gascon gentleman d’Artagnan and his three friends from the regiment of the King’s Musketeers: Athos, Porthos, and Aramis.

Under the watchful eye of their patron M. de Treville, the four defend the honour of the regiment against the guards of the Cardinal Richelieu and the honor of the queen against the machinations of the Cardinal himself as the power struggles of 17th-century France are vividly played out in the background.

But their most dangerous encounter is with the Cardinal’s spy: Milady, one of literature’s most memorable female villains.


Original 1844 (I’m not sure about this one, finding the original was tricky)Image result for three musketeers original cover

Favourite covers.

Los tres mosqueteros The Three Musketeers The Three Musketeers

Least Favourite covers. 

The Three Musketeers: The Complete Collection of All Three Novels The Three Musketeers LES TROIS MOUSQUETAIRES - Édition complète - Alexandre Dumas - Roman historique - (annoté): Édition complète


One thought on “BOOK TRAVELING THURSDAY: Around the World

  1. Oh wow! Seeing the original cover is so cool 🙂 I haven’t read this one yet, it’s been on my TBR for ages 🙈 I love the Vintage edition cover, it’s so nice. And the cover with the Eiffel Tower… so lazy haha, I hate when they do that sort of thing.

    My BTT is here if you want to check it out 🙂


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