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Worlds Collide Tour

I was lucky enough last week to be able to see Leigh Bardugo and Rainbow Rowell at the Edinburgh stop of their World’d Collide tour. Obviously, the tour was originally the promotional tour for Crooked Kingdom, but the actual event was very well balanced and showcased both women and their books.
It was held in the downstairs lecture-style theatre of the lovely Traverse Theatre, which meant it had a really up-close, intimate feel.

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The evening consisted of two dramatic readings  – Baz and Simon’s confrontation in the catacombs, and  a scene with Nina and Matthias from Crooked Kindgom. Leigh suggested that Matthias should be read as Thor-like, while Rainbow insisted on playing him as Worf  from Star Trek: Next Gen. Leigh was hysterical as sexy, (sadly non-glittery) vampire Baz, and Rainbow played Simon with a bear-like noise every time he ‘growled’.


Then, there was a Q&A session and general chat between the two ladies. It was all really casual and you could tell how comfortable they were together – they teased each other and told stories.

  • Leigh explained how she expected Rainbow to be a hemp-wearing hippie before she met her. She thought she would dislike anyone who called themselves Rainbow.
  • They told us all about Leigh’s nots-subtle attempts to convince Rainbow to rename Baz in Fangirl and again in Carry On – because she planned to call the Six of Crows lead Baz Brekker.
  • And Rainbow told us all about how she was still in shock from reading Carry On and the word ‘fuck’ in a church on the London night.


Both of them were lovely and brilliantly lovely. They answers serious questions about the writing/ editing process and about including diversity but also fun ones about dream casting (apparently Rami Malek for Kaz and Tom Selleck for Park’s Grandad). At the end of the hour, they did signings. These were incredibly generously timed with as many books as you wanted and staff taking photos.



My swag from the evening was a copy of each Crooked Kingdom and Carry On, a huge World’s Collide Tour poster, a tour t-shirt and a square button badge.

The event was great fun, and I’d definitely go and see either of these wonderful ladies again if I get the chance.

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