One Month Til NaNoWriMo

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NaNoWriMo starts four weeks today!

I can’t believe how quickly time is passing this year. In July I took part in my first ever Camp NaNoWriMo. I had a great time and met some really awesome new people so I’m really looking forward to my first ‘real’ NaNo next month.

During Camp, I only just managed to hit my target of 25,000 words so I’m not at all confident I’ll meet the 50k goal, but I’m going to give it my best attempt and I’ll certainly write more than I would have otherwise.

At the moment I have a very loose idea for my story and I’m hoping to get a few more details worked out over this month. I felt like I overplanned for Camp and lost interest towards the end, but at the same time I’m definitely not brave enough to completely pants it.

This month I’d like to get some basic information worked out for my main characters, a rough plot guideline and maybe a few idea-jogging photos/ images.

Is anyone else doing NaNoWriMo this November? Are you a planner or a pantster? How much planning have you done so far?


15 thoughts on “One Month Til NaNoWriMo

  1. Becca says:

    I’ve tried to do Nano almost every year for the past few years and NEVER FINISH. 😦 I tend to not plan too much, so this year I’m going to try the opposite! And maybe have plot twist flash cards at the ready for when writers block hits. :/…..

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    • Louise says:

      Good luck this time round! I thin its really interesting how different things seem to work for different people. The plot twist cards sound like a great idea!


  2. onceuponabookshelfblog says:

    I am trying to do Nano this month just for the experience and I am super nervous lol I generally want to challenge myself and my writing capabilities with this experience. I do have a few ideas for some stories but I do agree that I don’t want to over plan them or else I would lose interest. I feel like its better to have a general outline of the story. Its going to be the first draft so it won’t be perfect. I think its better to go into it with that mindset and just write for fun.

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  3. cassidygott says:

    I’m doing NaNo this year! I am definitely a planner, I go in with a vague outline of how I want my story to go, my main and more important secondary characters are all planned out, and I have ideas of how I want the world set up.
    That being said I have no idea what I’m doing this year lol. I thought about continuing my NaNo story from last year, I wrote about 12,000 words then hit writers block.

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  4. theangrybookworm says:

    Yeh, I’m thinking about taking part in Nano 2016 but it depends if I finish the first draft of a novel I’m working on. I started it 39 days ago (some days I didn’t write. I estimate that I wrote regularly on 20-25 days). Already I’ve wrote 40k words, so this is a personal record for me in terms of my writing productivity. I plan to finish writing this draft by Oct 31; I can push myself to write about 2k words a day. Initially I thought the novel would total as 65k but I know it’ll probably be 80k or higher. Who knows? 😀

    But I’d really really really like to start writing another novel for Nano since I have a pretty good seed of an idea that I’m dying to write about but I’m not really a multi-tasker so I can’t work on two at once otherwise my attention drifts.

    Tried participating in last year’s nano, but didn’t write much. But I know that now I could probably dash out 50k in 30 days.

    I used to be a light planner, but I switched to pansting with my latest project and I’m pleased with the results as well as being able to write faster rather than worrying about sticking to plans and what have you. Of course, different methods work for different writers, so I’d advise anyone to choose a method that suits them.

    Good luck with Nano. 🙂

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    • Louise says:

      Wow that’s so impressive! I don’t think I could ever write that much in one month, but it’s fun to try. Good luck with getting your draft finished and for NaNo if you do take part.


  5. susyscozyworld says:

    Hi! 🙂 I would participate this year and I am really excited about it! (And a little bit scared, it’s my first time and I am becoming a little bit antsy as November comes close!) I am a planner but I am not planning so well in this period, but I have 10 days so I hope to do better from now on!
    And I wish you the best of luck! 🙂

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