Book-tag: Norse Mythology 2

In anticipation of the second Magus Chase book from Rick Riordan (and any excuse for mythology really) here’s the second of three Norse Mythology themed book-tags. If you’d like to fill it out, feel free to drop a link in the comments, I’d love to read your answers.



Goddess of winter and hunting.
A book set in winter.
The Dickens With Love by Josh Lanyon
Not only set at Christmas, but featuring a book collector and the purchase of an undiscovered Dicken’s Christmas novel. I’ve reread this novella every holiday season for several years.

The watchman of the Gods.
A standalone novel.
Beauty by Robin McKinley
McKinley went back and rewrote this book (Rose Daughter) and although I prefer the ending of that one, I prefer this book overall. Beauty and the Beast is one of my favourite fairytales and McKinley has a writing style that really suits that kind of rambling, old-world history-esque fantasy. A beautiful novel.

A blind God tricked by Loki into killing his brother, Baldur.
A tragic book or character.
The Ill-made Mute by Cecilia Dart-Thornton
The protagonist, Imrhien, starts the book as an abandoned foundling. She’s mute, deformed and has no memory of her past. I really like the world of this novel, a mixture of Celtic and skyships, but the ending disappointed me and I lost interest during the sequel.

Queen of the Norse underworld.
A book where the setting plays an important part.
The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman
A short story about a woman trapped in an isolated house with a neglectful husband. Spending most of her time in the bedroom, she becomes convinced that there is someone creeping around behind the wallpaper pattern. Very creepy story and her obsession with the room is crucial.

The wolf that will kill Odin during Ragnarok.
A book with an exciting climax.
Changes (The Dresden Files #12) by Jim Butcher
This could have been the climax of the series and I wouldn’t have been disappointed. Well I would have been, the successive books have been fab too, but I wouldn’t have been surprised because it would have been a great finale. Bringing together all the important characters and plot-lines, and forcing our hero to make horrific sacrifices to save the day, it’s very final stance and guns blazing.


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