To Be Read lists

My To Be Read shelf on Goodreads is getting ridiculous and ginormous. I can see how the positioning tag could help but it frustrated me. So, I decided to write out my prioritised ‘to be read immediately’ list. I was thinking it would be along the lines of 5-6 books, 10 at a push. Well…


I just couldn’t narrow it down any more!

Any comments or recommendation would be greatly appreciated 🙂 Also, I didn’t notice I’d cut the corner when I took it, so points for guessing the cut-off titles.


6 thoughts on “To Be Read lists

  1. Amber Jerome says:

    I organize mine by the month! So on average I read between 7-10 books a month. I put 5 books in my reading list for August. That leaves me room to continue any series I started within those 5 books, or to add on some books I need to review etc.

    That’s my suggestion!!!


  2. Amber Jerome says:

    Sure! I also do special things for certain months. October is Halloween themed. And in December I am reading the first book in 5 different series. Then next year depending on which ones I liked I will continue the series month by month. So if I enjoy The Mortal Instruments then in January I will read the series. Yadda yadda.

    That keeps me pretty organized and at least I’m making way through my every-growing TBR list lol

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