The Hidden Oracle by Rick Riordan (The Trials of Apollo, #1)  (****) I didn’t enjoy this book as much as the original Percy Jackson set but I thought that, as a first instalment it was a huge improvement on The Lost Hero (HOO#1). That being said, I think I would have gotten even more out of it if I’d actually finished the Heroes of Olympus first. I really liked Apollo’s character (it was a nice to read about someone so blatantly self-involved in a humorous way) and the plot was interesting with lots of potential for development. And of course the haikus – I adored the haikus.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll (***½) I had a gorgeous illustration edition of this when I was little, but all I can really remember is a drawing of the Duchess and the baby pig.  I preferred Wonderland a little but really liked both books. I love how ditzy Alice is, but how hard she tries. I’d forgotten how many characters, mini-stories and poems there are, and how much the Disney animation left out. Such a great cast of characters – the mock turtle and the griffin, the Red and White Queens, the group from the pool of tears. Crazy, random and quirky.

The Lost Colony by Eoin Colfer (Artemis Fowl, #5) (****) I thought the new characters in this were great additions – my favourite is the demon No1 but I also though Minerva Paradizo had a lot of potential.  I like the idea of Holly and Mulch as PIs – I would have read this as a spin-off series. The scenes with Butler at Taipei 101 and in the final scene – my heart! I love that big guy.


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