Goal: 20,000

Current Progress: 17,080

Remaining to Goal: 2,920

  • I decided not to up my word goal, I’ve been slacking this week and have a wedding next so I’m keeping it realistic. The story’s nowhere near finished but that’s the upside of camp I guess, I’ll still feel like I’ve achieved something if I just reach my target.

  • I skipped the scenes I was struggling with, now I’ve got them left to write * sob* The more complicated plot points are still a little fuzzy and I really need to focus and pin them down. My dialogue and action scenes also need a good bit of development and polish.

  • I’ve been planning my next story instead – opps. I spent a few afternoons making dreamcasts of character and writing out snatches of dialogue and ideas.

  • I’ve been reading instead – opps.

  • I went to visit family for a few days and just couldn’t find the time – opps. But I actually don’t regret this one.

I can totally do this. I just need to get back on track and I can make it. I refuse to miss such a low goal by so small a margin.




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