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Camp NaNo – Week 2 Midpoint Update

not enough coffee for this sword in the stone.gif

Goal: 20,000

Current Progress: 13,100

Remaining to Goal: 6,900

I had planned to make a Camp NaNo post each week, but I just couldn’t face it last week. This post is short but here’s a few things I’ve noticed while working on my Camp project.

  • My story has grown legs. Each plot-hole I fill seems to led to three more and along the way new characters, species and plot-lines have snuck their way in. I originally planned to write something novella length but now I think it’ll turn out closer to a regular novel. I’m keeping my word count goal as it is though and if I don’t finish I’ll continue it after camp.
  • I write in stops and starts and struggle to get a consistent daily word-count. I also have to ‘watch’ a scene fully before I can write it and sometimes this can mean sitting for ages with my eyes closed waiting for things to make sense.
  • I’ve been using the using the Extreme Harry Potter Word Crawl to keep me going when I’m struggling and I love it. It’s like playing a game which really motivates me. At the moment I’m about halfway through Chamber of Secrets.
  • I went out for coffee today and got one of my actions scenes written. I’m proud of myself because I find them challenging to keep everything making sense and keep track of everyone. I also find writing natural sound dialogue hard and managed a few conversations today which is good too. I find it odd that so many people seem to love writing both these things. Which parts are you finding the most challenging to write?

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