ARC Review: Prosper’s Demon

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SERIES: Standalone

GENRES/ SUBJECTS: Fantasy, Novella



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Read Classics with Me: Hester

Read Classics with Me: My Favourite Quotes and Scenes from Hester by Margaret Oliphant




From Goodreads:

Hester tells the story of the aging but powerful Catherine Vernon, and her conflict with the young and determined Hester, whose growing attachment to Edward, Catherine’s favorite, spells disaster for all concerned.

Catherine Vernon, jilted in her youth, has risen to power in a man’s world as head of the family bank. She thinks she sees through everyone and rules over a family of dependents with knowing cynicism. But there are two people in Redborough who resist her. One is Hester, a young relation with a personality as strong as Catherine’s, and as determined to find a role for herself. The other is Edward, who Catherine treats like a son. Conflict between the young and the old is inevitable, and in its depiction of the complex relationships that develop between the three principal characters, Hester is a masterpiece of psychological realism. In exploring the difficulty of understanding human nature, it is also a compulsive story of financial and sexual risk-taking that inevitably results in a searing climax.


Quotations and extracts may contain spoilers.

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#FFFebruary Readathon TBR

Banner created by @darashirazi

February is for f/f books! 

Here are the rules:

“The only rules being you read all (or upwards of half, if you want to be more realistic) sapphic books in the month. As many as you can.

And the most important rule of all? You tweet (or blog) about the books you’re reading, using the hashtag #FFFeb.”

There’s more information, including nine optional prompts and recommendations over on the announcement post here.

I won’t be sticking to the prompts for this round, just trying to read as many of the f/f books I currently own as I can.

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Top 5 Unreliable Narrators

The Top Five Series

This Top 5 series is a weekly meme created by Amanda @ Devouring Books.

Each week we’ll 5 book featuring the common theme provided. These can be books that we’ve read, or ones that are still on our TBRs. I’ll note beside each one if I’ve read the book yet or not, and provide a link to my review if I have one. 

Feel free to share your own favourites or give me more TBR suggestions in the comments. 

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