I Heart Characters! Adopt-a-Companion

I Heart Characters! Meme“I Heart Characters!ย is a weekly meme hosted byย  Dani @ย Perspective of a Writerย to showcase our book blogger love for characters! Each week sheโ€™ll supply a topic and youโ€™ll supply the character.”

August 16th โ€“ย Creature Youโ€™d Want to Adoptย (An animal or creature character youโ€™d want as a companion.)




TTT: Top Bookish Merchandise


August 14: Favorite Book Blogs/Bookish Websites

I really didn’t feel like I could pick out just 10 blogger who I loved, the list was just far too long and I kept thinking of more and more. Instead I went for the Bookish Websites side of the week’s prompt and decided to share some of my favourite companies selling book-themed merchandise. Most are on Etsy,ย a couple have their own websites, but they’re all indie sellers worth supporting.


Try A Chapter


I’ve seen the Try a Chapter Tag on YouTube a few times now, and I was really inspired to try it for myself. I usually decide which book I’m going to read before I start reading though, so I’ve never found the right moment for it. But “Try 3 Chapters, Then Pick One to Continue” was a prompt in last month’s Biannual Bibliothon, so this was the perfect chance to give it a go.

I picked out Stolen Songbird, Gilded Cage and Pantomime to try. Here’s my initial reaction to each.